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It is normal for every parent to be concerns or worries concerning their children, especially if they are not together. We live in a world where people get easily influenced, and one group of people who are highly susceptible to this, are children.

Hence, it is up to parents to ensure that their children are kept safe at all times, and by implementing certain measures, you can have rest of mind that your children are not unduly influenced by any form of negative pressures.

To start with, one top safety measure which you need to fix, is ensuring your child knows certain basic information about you and himself.

Your child might be so small, but it does not understate the fact that some simple contact details can still be taught. You should ensure that your child knows the names of his parents, and their contact numbers. This would come in handy during times of emergency.

You can start off by helping your child memorize these data on a regular basis, till he is able to recite it off-hand.

Next, you should teach your child to reject things from strangers. This is how addiction often starts, the moment a child begins to accept things from people who he is not familiar with, a period would come when he would accept something which can adversely affect his health.

Hence, as a parent, you need to teach your child about the dangers of accepting things which a stranger give. With this, you are reducing the chances of your child being caught up in the web of addiction.

In addition, you need to ensure that your child should not be all by himself at all times. He should ensure he is with one or two persons which he is familiar with. Being alone most times is risky, and detrimental to the mental health of a child in the long run.

Also, asides rejecting things from strangers, you need to inform your child that he should not be found alone with a stranger, neither should he go any place with a stranger.

Lastly, inform your child that he should never allow anyone touch is body. There have been reports of children who have been molested at a young age, and this has messed with their mental health in the long run.

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