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Basically, addiction is said to be an obsessive and compulsive disorder which arises as a result of a repeated action of either an act or the ingestion of a substance. The leading examples of addiction in the world are alcohol and drug addiction.

In the addiction process, the person has little or no control over what he or she does. For instance, someone who is hooked on alcohol will have reached an extent that, they would become so used to it, and they cannot do without it.

For parents to prevent addiction in their children, there are some measures which needs to be put in place.

First off, parents need to be aware of what their children are exposed too. Often times, the habits which children pick up, are habits which are gotten from people who are close to them.

Most times, these set of people are usually their parents. Now, if a child sees his parent take alcohol or drugs every now and then, there is a huge possibility that the child will indulge in that act with time.

Hence, parents need to ensure that their children are kept far away from such substances. For parents who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it might be difficult stopping their children from picking up such acts. Therefore, it is advised that they see an addiction therapist in order to proffer the best way forward.

Now, when it comes to certain acts such as gaming for example, an addiction can be picked up. Parents need to be very observant about what their children pick interest in doing, and also watch if it is done regularly in an obsessive manner or not.

In addition to this, parents need to often educate their children on the ills of addiction on a regular basis. When it comes to learning, children are often known to listen and imbibe whatever instruction their parents give.

Once parents do the needful concerning what their children do, what they take, and the environment they play, it would be easy to spot early traces of addiction, and curb it before it gets out of hand.

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