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Food addiction in children, is basically an obsession which occurs when children eat food when they do not necessarily need to.  

A good number of times, they eat food excessively not because they are hungry, but because they feel like. There are some kids who also turn to food to help them deal with certain emotions and issues they are facing.

As a parent, it is necessary to closely observe your child, and prevent them from eating obsessively. To start with, you need to ensure that they eat only when it is the right time.

Your children should not just eat because there is a constant availability of food. They should only eat at the appropriate time.

Hence, having like two meals between breakfast and lunch is not ideal. This is why parents need to monitor their children closely.

One reason why children eat lots of food without realizing that they have taken too much, is due to lack of attention. For instance, if a child sits in front of the TV while eating, there is a high tendency for the child to lose track of what is going on.

The attention of the child would be on the TV rather than the food. When the food gets exhausted, it looks as if nothing has been eaten, and the child yearns for more food.

Parents who are not aware of this, would give these children more food, without realizing the danger inherent. Hence, it is best to ensure that, when a child is eating, there should be no external distraction.

Also, parents need to be a good role model to their children. It becomes more effective to advice your children not to eat too much, when you do not take too much food yourself.

Children look up to their parents when it comes to performing various acts, and they would certainly do what they see you do.

In addition, parents should be careful when giving out rewards to their children. Food should not be used as rewards. It could stir up an addiction in the child, making the child look forward to more food rewards.

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