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The time your child spends on the internet might be affecting him or her without your knowledge. To most children, spending much time on the internet is tantamount to unlimited enjoyment. And if they had their way, internet time would be primary while other tasks would be secondary.

The numbers of internet addicted cases are rising quickly, and this is common among children and teenagers. The internet is very addictive because of the immediate feedback it provides, and this properly structured system has the capacity to keep the user hooked for a very long time.

To prevent internet addiction in children, you can try the below tips:

  • Limit their time online: It is important for you to limit the amount of time your children spend on the internet. Your children need to channel a huge chunk of their time to other productive tasks. Even if they want to spend little time on the internet, you need to be sure of what they are spending it on.
  • Show a good example: If your children see you spending much time on the internet, they might not take your corrections seriously. To prevent your children from being addicted to the internet, you need to make sure you show a good example. If your work requires you to function from home and you need to use the internet often, make sure it is done smartly.
  • Watch the type of games: At times, games could be responsible for your children addiction. So, it is important to keep an eye on the games your children play. If there is a certain game that is very addictive, it is up to you to curtail it.  

The last thing is you want is for your children to grow up as internet addicts, and they have little or no time for other productive ventures. Similarly, if ample care is not taken, they will turn to other forms of addiction because of the pleasure their brain craves.

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