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The act of raising and training children is not an easy task. It is equally not easy having to think of all the necessary measures which should be put in place, in order to ensure that your child stays healthy and safe.

Parents need to bear in mind that, children are very observant. They tend to imitate habits which are conventional with us. Hence, you need to ensure that you inculcate habits which are beneficial and not detrimental to your child.

Children play a lot, and in the process, they get dirty. One basic lesson you must teach your child, is the act of cleaning up after they have played.

After playing, the child could innocently put those hands into his mouth during the course of eating, and that would definitely introduce germs into his or her system.

Hence, they need to imbibe the act of washing their hands on a regular basis. It might be hard for the child to imbibe, but with time, he or she would get used to it, provided you as a parent is always re-emphasizing the correction.

Closely related to this, always ensure that they wash their hands after using the toilet, cleaning their nose, amongst other acts.

In addition, they should learn to stick to their personal effects, and not share with other kids. It is hard to tell whose kids are infected by merely looking at their faces, hence, we cannot be so sure, and risk sharing their items. Each child should have his personal toothbrush, comb and a host of others.

Also, children are known to be very inquisitive, and they play with all sorts of things. Ensure that they avoid fluids of other persons, it could be their stool, urine and the likes. This is to prevent being infected.

There are a host of other safety tips which children need to stick too, and the list is exhaustive. However, parents, guardians and school teachers are advised to always be on the look-out for kids, to ensure their state of health is secure.

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