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Signs of Alcoholism

Several individuals, ranging anywhere from teens to adults may drink regularly or on occasion. Some may simply enjoy the substance while others may like how it makes them feel in certain social settings and/or situations. As a result, those who have transitioned from the occasional drinker to alcoholism may not even be aware of how out of control their dangerous habit has become. Consequently, this is where denial or justification begins to bloom as various events become a facade for their drinking such as; a friend or family member’s birthday, wedding, graduation, and so on. 

Unfortunately, since alcohol is both commonly and widely used it may be hard at times for addicts-as well as others-to recognize that they are struggling with substance abuse. That’s why there are a number of signs that one should be on the lookout for; the first being isolation. It is during this stage that friends and family begin to see the person less and less, yet even as they try to reach out to that particular individual he/she begins to isolate himself/herself. In fact, the addict may have been someone who was oftentimes happy, and labeled as an extrovert who would frequently surround himself/herself with others. But in a small matter of time alcoholism can impact him/her greatly.

A second sign that can easily be seen is when the addict begins to experience memory loss. Granted, many people may forget a wide range of objects on a daily basis such as their car keys, wallet, purse, etc. But for those experiencing signs of alcohol abuse the length of their memory may be shortened significantly. For they may be told something of significant importance only for it to be forgotten moments later. Friends and family of the person may notice this in the addict way before the addict himself/herself does.

In conclusion, these are only a couple of signs of alcoholism but with extensive research one will find that other symptoms may present themselves in the individual depending on what stage he/she is at in his/her addiction. The sooner that he/she receives help though the better off he/she will be, so that he/she might be able to get back to living a healthy, clean, and/or alcohol free life. That’s why being aware of these signs poses as beneficial to not only friends and family of the addict, but the addict himself/herself.

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