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Watching out for signs of abuse in children

It is very easy for your children to get abused without your knowledge. This is why parents and guardians are often advised to always look out for their children. And also ensure that they do not become victims of abuse at a tender age.

When the word “abuse” is mentioned, it does not always imply physical abuse when a child is beaten. Abuse can come in any form; it could be emotional, sexual, mental and a host of others.

In most cases, which is usually the worse-case scenario, the abuse is impacted indirectly without the abuser knowing the damage being caused.

Commonly, children who abuse drugs and alcohol at their tender age end up getting addicted. So, it is best to curtail their abuse problem while they are small before they become fully grown. Since you are watching out for your children, you need to make sure that you set a good example.

For instance, if you are someone who drinks, it would be difficult to prevent your child from picking the habit. The child would want to be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that alcohol abuse is bad. He or she might not show his defiance in front of you.

But when they are in the midst of their peers, they would most likely pick the habit without your knowledge, which is even more disastrous.

Also, for other types of addiction like internet addiction, the same rules apply. Children watch what you do and they emulate. If you love spending time on the internet as a parent, then your children would take in your footsteps.

Behavioral addiction is worse in children because it cannot be properly controlled except with the influence of the parent.

Children need ample love, care and support. They also need to be properly looked out for so that they do not pick up the seeds of abuse. This is one of the ways to ensure that they grow up healthily.

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